Welcome to my Travel Blog!  I’m Jessica Lynn, and I have a huge passion to see as much of this world as possible.  I am also a lover of photography.  I am a California girl, born and raised and I currently reside in Costa Rica.  I have created this Blog to share my travel experiences, advice, and favorite adventures along the way.  The more I travel to new places, the more fulfilled I feel.  Exploring different countries/destinations has changed me for the better, and I want to share that with the world!  I hope through these articles and content that I share, that I inspire you to travel and book a trip.  I hope you enjoy!


PS- I tend to like warm destinations so most of my bucket list is getting checked off  while wearing a bikini.  Here is my packed bikini bag (which is always carried on the plane because this bag simply CAN NOT get lost).  16 bikinis for a 16 day trip….totally reasonable!  😉


25 Facts About Me:

For those stumbling across my page, this quiz is a good way to get to know me better.  🙂

  1. How many countries have you vacationed to?  26 
  2. Favorite country you have vacationed to?  So hard to choose but if I had to, it would be Greece and Thailand…so far.
  3. Favorite travel research website?  Tripadvisor.  
  4. Siblings?  One younger brother.
  5. Tattoos? 4
  6. Nationality?  Half Nicaraguan / half a mix of White, Spanish, and Indian.
  7. What are you afraid of?  Heights, swimming in water where I can’t see below me, bees, and sharks.
  8. Three healthy habits?  I workout four days per week for two hours per day,  I brush my teeth five times per day, and I change my underwear every day.  lol
  9. Favorite TV Show?  Ballers.  I was an extra on the season finale and had so much fun spending the day on set!
  10. Favorite subject in school?  Business Law.
  11. What attracts you in love?  Sense of humor, confidence, passion for traveling, and a guy who loves kids.  Oh and you have to have stylish kicks.  You can tell a lot by a guy’s shoes.
  12. Favorite cocktail?  A fresh squeezed margarita on the rocks with salt and fresh jalapenos.
  13. Favorite movie?  Indecent Proposal.
  14. What makes you happy?  Beer, my family, and traveling….not in that order.
  15. Worst habits?  Overeating and back washing.  
  16. Favorite meal?  Crab feed, prime rib, and oysters with white wine. 
  17. What is in your fridge?  Like a gazillion condiments…mostly hot sauces.
  18. Favorite song?  Wasting Time by Kid Rock.
  19. Pets?  None at the moment but I have had many dogs, cats, snakes, lizards, and hamsters.
  20. Sports you played?  Everything!  I think I’m pretty athletic.  Mostly cheerleading, dance, and softball.  I played coed softball as an adult too!  Our last season together we took home the championship.  Booya!
  21. Five current goals?  Loose 5 pounds, become a better photographer with all this expensive equipment I have invested in, travel more/spend less,  buy my future retirement property in Tulum, Mexico, and grow this Blog.
  22. Forever New Years Resolution?  To pack less for my vacations.
  23. Dream job?  Being a mommy.  I guess I’m living my dream.  I also own a modeling/staffing agency and create content for hotels and brands.
  24. Favorite music to see live?  Reggae!  Ya mon!
  25. How do you choose your travel destinations?  If I’m planning the trip, I will never plan to go to a place I have already been to.  I mostly plan around weather, and what area of the world is best for the time of the year I can travel.  I’m checking off my bucket list of destinations as I go.
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